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January 28, 2023
• Edited (Jan 28, 2023)

Hello and Welcome to the Tara Riley Studio community group.

This group aims to support, connect and inspire through positive and empowering movement our bodies in ways that make us feel good inside and out.

***Community Guidelines***

  1. BE KIND To keep this group a safe, positive and encouraging space, we ask that comments and discussions remain respectful.  Negative, offensive or unsupportive comments will be deleted and the poster removed from the group.

  2. SHARE YOUR JOURNEY Share your journey and your progress with the group!  Support, encouragement, wins and losses are better when shared.  We love to see how TR Studio fits into and the impact it has on your life.  Bring on the sweaty selfies.  

  3. YOUR POSTS Anything shared within this group may be used for marketing purposes.  Should you wish a particular post(s) to be kept within the group, please let us know and we will respect this. 

  4. NO SPAM  Please refrain from ad related posts, self promotion or spam

  5. QUESTIONS?  Have a question for Tara?  Or experiencing technical difficulty?  Please email Tara directly at

I’m so thrilled to have you here.  Thank you for your commitment to your health and wellness and for being a valued member of the Tara Riley Studio community

Lots of love